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The most crucial one- 3rd Trimester


Of all the phases, the 3rd trimester is the most crucial one. Yes! All the preparations and the hard work for the last 6 months will now bring the most cherished dream and twinkle of your eyes right in your arms soon before this trimester ends.

The 3rd trimester is the phase between 28 and 40 weeks. The beginning of the 39th week marks the pregnancy as full term. Any delivery before the 37th week is pre-term. Some deliveries can occur as late as the 42nd week.

The other implication of the term “Crucial” applies to the condition of your pregnancy. There are many concerns like for e.g., a couple of queries running into your mind with regards to your baby, labor/delivery, symptoms that require immediate attention, feelings of excitement and worry at the same time, baby arrival preparations… well it’s lot many. Relax ladies! Breathe deep. Mommypure, as promised is back again, to be with you at this most important and special moment.

So let’s understand this phase well…

Baby`s growing faster

In this trimester the baby grows at a faster pace. The increasing size puts pressure on the skin and ligaments. Stretch marks become prominent. You may experience episodes of breathlessness but as the baby moves down for its head fixation in your pelvis after 36 weeks, these symptoms gradually lessens down. Then you may have frequent urination because of the baby’s pressure on the bladder. With the increasing weight of the baby, you will feel tired easily. Sleeping will get difficult. Heartburn will continue to occur so would indigestion and constipation. Take rest quite often. Sleep on the sides especially left. Use special pillows of pregnancy to support your back, abdomen, and thighs. Eat well and drink a good amount of fluids. Increase the fiber intake. Avoid hot, pungent, and oily food items. Snack on millets flakes, protein bars, fresh & seasonal fruits cum veggies, nuts, etc.


You will face some irregular, muscle tightening around your belly that isn’t painful but can make you feel uncomfortable. They are the Braxton Hicks contractions which are the future preparations of the uterus for the actual labor. They last for 30 seconds and ease off by the change in position/walking/warm compress/ warm water bath. If the contractions are regular, in a short span of time, strong, painful, with discomfort in the pelvis, back, and abdomen, and there is a leaking of fluid from the vagina or thick mucus discharge (show) then you should contact/visit your treating doctor immediately.

Hot Flushes

Your body temperature may rise a bit making you feel hot. Wear loose comfortable clothes and keep well-hydrated.

Leg cramps and backache

These aches and cramps tend to get intense. Maintain good posture, avoid lifting heavy objects, have comfortable beddings, get some gentle massage and do some relaxation/meditation/pre-natal yoga. Some warm oil massage can be helpful.

Increased vascularity

The varicose veins increase in this trimester and this could be a reason for the leg pain and swelling. Keep your legs elevated. Haemorrhoids are also common. So do some warm compress or take a Seitz bath. Eat lots of fiber-rich diet and take plenty of fluids.


The Stretch mark gets prominent as the stretching continues. The skin may get dry and there could be an itching problem. Skin pigmentation increases on the face at times. Just a few days more! You will be relieved soon after your delivery. Use some herbal and natural skincare products. Take this golden opportunity to pamper your skin. The pregnancy reflects a beautiful glow already on your face, enhance it further! The scalp health improves and so does your hair because of the pregnancy hormones. Don’t forget to Flaunt your beauty.

Emotional lookout

As your D-Day get closer, you may have mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety. It’s ok! Take help from your partner, friends, relatives, and elderly. Share your feelings with whoever you feel comfortable with. Seek help in getting the baby arrival essentials ready. Make a list of all the things to be carried to the hospital.

Get a bag ready with those items and keep it handy. Also, try to get the items and room arranged for the baby’s arrival. This will relax you certainly. Poor sleep can often induce irritability, stress, and anxiety. Hence, try to take naps whenever possible and stay away from screen time (laptop/mobile/tablet) well in advance, before bedtime. Do some relaxation to keep the emotional outburst at bay.

Doctors visit

Make sure you have taken all the necessary immunization shots and are prompt with the investigations/ USG scans/check-ups schedules. Any symptom that makes you uncomfortable like swelling in the feet/hands/face/ankles, urinary complaints, bleeding per vaginum, abdominal pain, breathlessness, fainting, giddiness, palpitation, etc. get your treating doctor to know about it without any slightest hesitation. A consultation with your doctor in such occurrence is better.

You have done everything that it takes to have a healthy baby. Continue the goodness of your pregnancy diet and care to have healthy motherhood too. Take time to relax. Treat and spoil yourself a little by shopping for your maternity provisions. It’s ok to fulfill your pregnancy cravings within safe & healthy boundaries. Still many things running in your mind? It’s natural, Just Be Calm! Enjoy every moment of this beautiful phase and be happy.

Mommypure wishes you loads of luck & best wishes and a warm welcome to your sunshine in this beautiful world. Stay Blessed.


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