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  • How To Cope With The Feeling Of Uncertainty?

    How To Cope With The Feeling Of Uncertainty?
    2020 announced its arrival with a big bang – the pandemic that we’re all coping with! They say, “Change is inevitable”, but coping with it is equally tough, isn’t it? Today, your workplace is your home, your meetings are conference calls and your Friday nights are over video calls. Things have taken a toll as the days are passing. We’re all sitting at home, remembering the good old days of fun and adventure that would make everything seem just right. Be it a late night party that gave you a tiring hangover, a shopping spree that...
  • The most crucial one- 3rd Trimester

    The most crucial one- 3rd Trimester
    Of all the phases, the 3rd trimester is the most crucial one. Yes! All the preparations and the hard work for the last 6 months will now bring the most cherished dream and twinkle of your eyes right in your arms soon before this trimester ends. The 3rd trimester is the phase between 28 and 40 weeks. The beginning of the 39th week marks the pregnancy as full term. Any delivery before the 37th week is pre-term. Some deliveries can occur as late as the 42nd week. The other implication of the term “Crucial” applies to...
  • One down two to go: 2nd Trimester

    One down two to go: 2nd Trimester
    Cheers! You have completed week 12. One down two to go…Welcome to the second trimester, the most enjoyable phase of pregnancy. Yes! It’s the relaxing phase since your body has got accustomed to the hormonal upsurge and you may even notice that the morning sickness has reduced considerably. The symptoms of fatigue and tiredness also tend to get better with your improving energy levels. I am sure you are feeling much better this time. Keep it up! While you keep getting drenched in this beautiful period of the 2nd Trimester, Mommypure wants to throw some light...

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