Purity Standard for Natural baby Products followed by Mommypure
Purity Standard for Natural baby Products followed by Mommypure

Our Standard For Natural Purity

As parents, we always want to make healthy choices for our babies and that’s what we do at MommyPure too. All our products are crafted with Pure Love and provide Natural Care for babies as they deserve only the BEST! Every product of ours, follows the Purity standard, a blend of our mission and principles to ensure we keep innovating & evolving to make better products today & in future.

This is what we follow:

1. Ingredient & Material Assessment

We aim to provide families with healthy & safe product choices which is why it’s a very important first step in our Purity standard. Each ingredient is assessed thoroughly to help inform what is Safe & Pure to use in the product and what we won’t use at all.
We follow a NO list of several chemicals/ material we would never use in our products due to the potential health risks associated with each one of these. This list is of a dynamic nature as we will continue to better it with any new study/research that emerges.

Our Sample no list

We care for you and your little bundle of joy. Here is a Sample List of all the harsh chemicals / ingredients that we do not use in our products, ever.


We follow these natural certification databases & their standards as our baseline when selecting the ingredients, we use in our products.

  • The NPA Standard for Personal Care Products
  • Ecocert Standard for Natural Cosmetics
  • Whole Foods Premium Body Care Ingredient Standards
  • NATRUE Standard
  • Paula’s Choice
  • EWG (Environmental Working Group)


We think, select and formulate what is best for your baby because we care! Our products follow the global standards and provide the result you desire for your little one. What we formulate, is not only a product but a mission of making healthy & safer choices available to all families. The journey that started from Ingredient selection & assessment, now reaches a point where we start to see the product come closer to life as packaging material and usability become a part of the process.

The Journey:

  • The Choice :

    We know how careful you are when choosing any product for your little one, which is why we leave no stone unturned in selecting just the right ingredients - organic, free of harmful substances & the best for making our products the first choice for your baby.

  • The Forbidden :

    Our NO list contains all the ingredients that we find not suitable for formulating our products because that’s what defines our transparency towards you.

  • The Usage :

    We think about real-life scenarios where & how the product will be used and design our product packaging to make every experience easier for your baby & you. (Baby Bottom Wash with Spray Pump, Diaper Rash Cream in Tube to ease application & keep it clean.) Oh Yeah!

  • The Packaging :

    Our step towards sustainable development is taken care of when we package our products. We use recyclable & sustainable packaging materials that contribute towards making our planet a better world to live in, especially for your little one!


We ensure every product we make lives up to your needs & expectations as parents. Our products are thoroughly checked to ensure they are safe to use on and around babies. We believe in going beyond just the necessary and ensure we test every aspect of the product to its desired outcome before making these available to you. Our final products are tested for their safety & integrity to ensure every product lives up to its promise.


    We work with third-party labs to confirm that our products are safe to use on skin, pass the non-irritancy test and get reviewed/ approved by dermatologists to ensure the product is safe in all aspects. At MommyPure, we do not compromise on product safety, no matter what.


    Change in product may occur when working with natural ingredients that is why we do rigorous stability testing to ensure that the finished product remains the way it should even after being exposed to different climate conditions. We perform Microbial testing on each batch to ensure that there will be no unwanted bacterial growth of any sort in the finished product.

Our products go through a combination of other necessary tests such as Heavy Metals testing, Skin Irritancy test, Safe on Skin, PH test, FDA compliance, etc but also go above & beyond with unique tests depending on the product usage.
We care for you & your little bundle of joy, hence no compromise on product quality!



    We maintain high standards for ingredient assessment, formulation, testing and manufacturing is no different for us when it comes to following the best practices. We work with manufacturing partners who share our commitment towards maintaining high quality standards, hence we work with the WHO- GMP and ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facility.


    Recyclable PET bottles is what we chose to use in our packaging as they are easy to recycle at any local recycling centre. Our bottles, sprayers, and pumps are manufactured from Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is usually known as PET(E). There is a #1 sign at the bottom to recognize this material. It is the same plastic commonly used for most water and soda bottles. PET(E) is globally recognized as a safe, strong & non-toxic material that is 100% recyclable and reusable.


As our products reach the finishing line, a new quest to evolve & improve starts. What inspires us?


    We are proud of our products but always thrive to improve. Even when we are at the finishing stage of our products, we keep looking for advance methods to evolve it as efficiently as we can. With the increase in availability of safe & natural ingredients, we stay agile and look for ways to continue to improve our formulations. Our promise is to deliver the best for parents & babies.


    We consider you (our families) as our biggest resource and your feedback is something we take very seriously. Making better & safer choices available for babies & parents (of course!) is what we love to do, every single day at MommyPure!

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