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Do You Get Agitated Easily On Your Kids? Here’s How You Can Control It


Is parenting making you short-tempered?

Have you been getting agitated and angry on your kids, a lot lately?

Not to worry, we’ve all been there and it’s completely okay. There maybe several reasons for that – you may have had a hard day at work, responsibilities that you couldn’t take care of or maybe you’ve just been feeling low. It could be anything that has been occupying your mind for some time now and a simple interaction with your kids made you lose your mind completely, about which you just feel more and more remorseful within. 

But, as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”, it’s a bit tough but worth it! Here are some ways to tackle your anger outburst in a good and healthy manner:

A. Don’t Act At The Moment: It’s easier said than done, we know. But once it becomes a practice, it’s a healthy way to cope too. If you CHOOSE to not react at the moment when your anger hits you, it gives you time to actually think and teaches your child a way to cope with their emotions too. They would also make a choice to take a breath and think before they speak or do something once they grow up! 

B. Make A Commitment To Yourself: Once you promise yourself about your own actions, make sure that no matter what comes up, you would adhere to them. It could be anything – never to hit your child or never to yell at them if they answer back and so on. By doing so, you not only create boundaries on your actions but you also show your children the importance of having a control on your own emotions. 

C. Set Your Own Limits: Before you’re actually angry, set yourself some limits. These could be anything – something that triggers your anger, words that make you feel overwhelmed or maybe some discipline factors that you just can’t avoid. Once you know them, your own emotional boundaries are demarcated by you, which would be a gentle reminder to avoid or rectify the situation that may come after a certain point. This, is a constructive way of not just handling your temper, but also maintaining your sanity.

D. Never Create Threats: When you’re angry, you know that your threats are mostly unreasonable. However, once you do not follow them, it actually starts creating a thought process within your kids that it’s nothing so serious and they’ll be most unlikely to follow rules the next time. Instead, you may think of an appropriate response that makes your children think over their actions and take your words a lot more seriously.

E. Choose Your Own Battles: Well, kids maybe a little naughty in their growing years but you also need to understand where is it important to use your mental energy, which argument is necessary to deal with and which situations can be taken care of without getting angry. After all, it’s your health, your reactions and your mind that will be affected the most. You’re the bigger person, remember that!

Anger is normal – it occurs, it fades. But the after-effects of your words and actions always remain. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make your children comfortable enough to look up to you, no matter where they are! It will be the best gift you’ve ever given to your children. Manage your anger today and give them an attribute that stays with them forever!

Gaurav Katiyar

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