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Unfolding winters with 24/7 hydration for your baby.


You always love to cuddle your baby. Winter is one such that comes with a promise of giving you some more cuddling sessions. It’s wonderful to love and be loved!

With the showers of some extra love and comfort, winters also bring along the dry, rough and cold wind. I am sure you are already getting some chills. So, grab some hot beverages quickly and gather some warmth from today’s post…

Yes, today we have some interesting information on unfolding winters with 24/7 hydration for your baby.

The skin of the baby is very sensitive and delicate. The dry, harsh and cold winds can affect the skin of babies more in comparison to adults. The severity of winter can rip off the moisture from the skin easily. This can result in rough, chapped, and scaly skin, irritation, allergies, flaking, and outburst of skin conditions like eczema psoriasis, etc. during winters. By now one thing you must have already understood is that the skincare routine of your baby needs extra attention. Hydration and adequate moisturization are the key factors that ensure your baby's skin remains smooth, supple, and well-nourished.

With winter around, we at Mommypure thought it is the right time to contribute to your winter care regime and pamper your cherub's skin. 

Come let’s chill it out!

Keep it short

Bathing hours need to be short since the long duration and hot/warm water can make the baby's skin drier. Use lukewarm water. A good massage would be an add-on. 20-30 minutes prior to bath, get Soothing Senses Baby Massage Oil, pour it on your palms, and let your love overflow on the tender body parts of your munchkin. The goodness of 10 natural oils in it is sure to shower some magical calming and relaxing effects. This oil will help to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple and prevent dryness.


Choosing the Right One

The bathing job should not end up damaging the delicate skin. The Oh So Blissful Baby Body Wash is an ideal choice for your baby's delicate skin. The natural ingredients such as calendula extract, aloe vera, and pepha protect do everything- cleansing, providing adequate hydration, and keeping the skin well-nourished. These ingredients also have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


The beautiful scent, packages, and offers of baby products are so tempting. Synthetic products are highly chemicalized and strong. You don't want your baby’s skin to go dry and rough. So, be gentle in choosing the baby moisturizers. Soft as cloud baby lotion has all that your bumble bee's skin needs during winter. It has cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and pepha protect. The lotion improves the skin's natural defense and shields from UV light. It has deep hydration action which is much needed in winters. The antioxidant helps in healing and enhancing skin health. It also soothes the delicate skin.


While most parts of the baby are usually covered, the lovely chubby cheeks remain an exception. This exposure makes them highly affected by the brunt of cold air. Dewy Love Baby Face Cream is the best shield to tackle this problem. Gently apply after shower or whenever the temperature sinks. You can pick this application as one reason to show your tender love and even cuddle up your baby to give some warmth. So, keep it always handy, and don’t forget to carry it in your bag whenever your cupcake has an outing with you. The natural butter, flowers extract and oils deeply moisturize your baby's skin and maintain hydration for longer hours.

Feed Well

If your baby is on breast milk, feed well. For those already on solid food, ensure the fluid intake is optimum. Include water, soups, fresh fruit juices, etc. Internal hydration is equally important.

Select the soft ones

You also need to consider the kind of fabric your baby would wear during the winters. The clothing should be breathable, soft, and provide adequate warmth. If the fabric is too thick and your baby is over-covered it may cause sweating and irritate the skin further. This would be an easy invitation for fungal infection, skin irritation, and rashes. Make comfortable clothing choices. Also, keep a tab on the temperatures and cover accordingly. Neither to many nor less either.


Make your baby’s hydration fuss-free and enjoy the extra winter cuddles with the apple of your eye!

Happy Winter!


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