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  • The most crucial one- 3rd Trimester

    The most crucial one- 3rd Trimester
    Of all the phases, the 3rd trimester is the most crucial one. Yes! All the preparations and the hard work for the last 6 months will now bring the most cherished dream and twinkle of your eyes right in your arms soon before this trimester ends. The 3rd trimester is the phase between 28 and 40 weeks. The beginning of the 39th week marks the pregnancy as full term. Any delivery before the 37th week is pre-term. Some deliveries can occur as late as the 42nd week. The other implication of the term “Crucial” applies to...
  • This Mothers day, we want you to know that you deserve the equal care

    This Mothers day, we want you to know that you deserve the equal care
    Motherhood has been defined as the state of being a mother. Mothers play a crucial part when it comes to child-rearing. It’s a diversified character played by her with the deepest care, utmost attention, and unconditional love right from birth until a child reaches adult age. Why her involvement is so important? I would say it`s very important as this responsibility involves the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and advancement in various stages of a child’s life while raising. To accomplish any good role, the overall development of an individual is essential. The same applies to...
  • How to prevent & treat Diaper Rashes naturally

    How to prevent & treat Diaper Rashes naturally
    Your baby’s skin is generally sensitive and this is normal. The Skin care of babies is way different as compared to adults. After birth, your baby’s skin barrier develops up to the next 12 months. It also undergoes adaptation to the external environment. Unlike us adults, your baby’s skin is reasonably low in the action of the sebaceous glands. So contact with harsh chemicals, any new products, synthetic or cosmetic toiletries can end up making the skin irritable, sore, dry, and with painful eruptions. Furthermore, the thin, delicate, fragile, and susceptible nature of your little one’s...

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