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Tips on how to bathe a newborn baby


Now that the baby has stepped into your beautiful world, with joy and happiness they also bring along important daily chores. One of these regimes includes bathing your baby.

As recommended by WHO and some experts you should wait for 24-48 hours to give your baby the first bath. Generally sponging is advisable until the complete healing of the umbilical cord. To accomplish this, gentle warm water sponging should be opted for.

So when the time has finally arrived for this new overwhelming experience, we seek the opportunity to guide you on how to bathe your newborn. For this, we have introduced Oh So Blissful! Baby Body Wash that’s enriched with Clean & Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Chamomile Flower Extract & Calendula Flower Extract, Pepha®-Protect and many more. It retains moisture, keeps skin soft plus supple, protects from free radical damages, and strengthens skin’s natural defenses. And all this comes with extreme gentleness. 

Let`s get startedà

  • Firstly, arrange all the supplies like towel, lukewarm water, bucket, bathtub or soft support for hard surface, mommy pure baby body wash, baby lotion, muslin/linen washcloth, diaper and fresh clothes. Keep all items within reach.

  • Temperature checks- the surroundings and water temperature, both should be comfortable. You can ensure the temperature of water by checking it with your wrist or elbow. For room, switch off the air-con or fan that’s nearby.

  • Now it’s time for some water fun. Gently settle baby in the bathtub and pour water on the chest, tummy, and extremities to make them wet. For head and face, moisten a clean washcloth and wipe those areas tenderly. Once you both get comfortable, you can start using this gentle Oh So Blissful Baby Body Wash on the face too. Be very soft on the eyes and eyelids. Add a few drops of mommy pure baby body wash in water, soak washcloth, squeeze a little and gently wash other body areas concurrently showering the lather of your love and care on the baby. Do remember to also wash the diaper area and buttocks.

  • Engage your baby in some cute talk and let this also be one of the fun moments for both of you.
  • Rinse your baby with water softly. You can use a small mug so the water pours gently on your baby.
  • Once through with this part, remove your baby from the bathtub, wrap in the towel and take to the area/changing table that is ready for the dressing session.
  • Put the baby on the changing table and softly wipe dry all the areas, especially the creases and skin folds.
  • Apply the baby moisturizer to make your little wonder bud’s skin feel comfy and supple.

 If you are using a bathtub, please take a little quantity of water. And ensure that the neck and head of your baby are always above the water level for optimum safety.

Happy bathing with our, Oh So Blissful! Baby Body Wash. Cherish all these cute little moments that’s full of fun and frolic. Moreover, we wish your baby enjoys every bit of it!


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