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How to prepare a hospital bag for delivery


It’s worth preparing your hospital bag in the third trimester. I would suggest everyone to pack their hospital bag one month in advance. Be it excitement to meet the baby or obsessiveness to be ready well in advance for everything. It is good to pack it early when the 9th month starts because in the latter half one would feel tired to do it and also have less patience to pack things meticulously.

This hospital bag will include not only baby clothes or diapers but many things which mommies will need for the hospital stay. It is very easy to pack this bag but it is important to not forget anything important that might be needed at the hospital.

Mom Bag Checklist :

Feeding clothes / Innerwear
Comfortable Nursing Gowns, Cotton Maternity Innerwear, Breast pads, nipple butter, and breast pump. The nursing gowns have an opening around the breast area which makes feeding easy and manageable. It is also better to wear socks and a scarf after delivery.

Maternity Sanitary Pads
You will need this in a lot of quantity. As after giving birth, you will bleed a lot for the next 20 days or more. The hospital provides cotton pads but sanitary pads are more hygienic.

This will have a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, hand wash, lip balm, soap, body lotion, shower gel, Towels and Hand towels and comb.

This will have your cell phone charger, earphones, and power bank.

Identity card, insurance documents, hospital file. This all will be asked during admission.

Baby Bag Checklist

Baby Bag Checklist:

Baby Bag / Diaper Bag
This bag will have a cotton swaddle cloth. Remember that as soon as the baby is born, the swaddling cloth will give them a feeling as their mother’s womb. This is a must as it will act as extra protection from direct fan/AC. Next would be diapers as you will need a lot of them for pee, poop. You need to change diapers every 2 – 3 hours so keep it accordingly. Cloth nappies are also important as in initial days baby will pee and poop a lot many times so cotton works wonders for new tender skin. Wipes is another thing not to be forgotten at all.

Clothes Bag
Caps, mittens, socks is a must-have. No matter in which season the baby is born. 5 – 6 onesies, pyjamas, nursing pillow, baby blanket etc. Make sure that bodysuits are front open as they are easy to don and doff. Make sure to use cotton as cotton is breathable and gives extra comfort to babies. In the initial days, it’s better to not bathe your baby so you will need a soft towel to just wipe or clean the baby. This will also have baby powder, baby lotion, baby face cream, diaper rash cream. Bed protectors, the dry sheet is also important when you will be using cloth nappies.

Nail Clippers
Some babies are born with a pretty grown nail so you might need it to cut their nails.

Make it a point that whoever touches the baby first sanitizes their hands or wash their hands. This is to protect babies from germs and infection.

Hope all mommies find this useful. All the best Mommies, you are a Warrior.


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