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How To Cope With The Feeling Of Uncertainty?


2020 announced its arrival with a big bang – the pandemic that we’re all coping with!

They say, “Change is inevitable”, but coping with it is equally tough, isn’t it? Today, your workplace is your home, your meetings are conference calls and your Friday nights are over video calls. Things have taken a toll as the days are passing. We’re all sitting at home, remembering the good old days of fun and adventure that would make everything seem just right. Be it a late night party that gave you a tiring hangover, a shopping spree that lightened your mood or maybe flying back to your family for getting all charged up. The plans and the mood still exist, but somewhere circumstances don’t.

While we’re all waiting to give these plans some real execution, we are all working harder, juggling to strike a balance in our lives; what’s getting ignored on a daily basis, is your mental health.

Your health is important. It needs care. While the world is busy getting fit and posting pictures after a good physical workout, it’s time for you to sit, take a break and know how important your mental health is, for you and your loved ones. Read along to know how to deal with emotional stress and the feeling of uncertainty in the simplest of ways:

A. Show Some Kindness To Yourself: Everyone deals with unpredictability in their own way. But, being harsh on yourself isn’t going to help at all. Any situation – big or small to cope with, takes time. You need to remind yourself that it shall pass and be patient till it sustains.

B. Do Something You’re Good At: Delivering timelines efficiently, doing your duties with diligence just to make everything fall in place is just fantastic. But take out sometime for yourself to pursue that one thing you love to do. It could be a long-forgotten hobby, or something you’ve been wanting to try for so long but couldn’t. Uncertainty can be hard to deal with, but feeling good about yourself is something that helps you cope with it at ease.

C. Take A Look At Your Success In The Past: We all have moments that are important and close to our hearts – it could be winning a football game, doing something meaningful for someone in need or something as simple as baking a cake! Fall back on those moments once in a while, just to remind yourself that you did it just right, even when you thought you wouldn’t be able to! It would not just encourage you, but also give a boost of positivity to your mind to work towards your goals.

D. Indulge In Self-care: We stress too much and forget that if we do not care for ourselves first, then we may not be able to care for our loved ones wholeheartedly. Try a new workout, get yourself a makeover or just renovate your wardrobe – do all you should to feel the beauty you are, within. Stress and anxiety make us more weary, vulnerable and exhausted. Give yourself some amazing cheat days that not only make you feel good about yourself, but happy too!

E. Ask For Help: You panic, stress out and are just not yourself when there’s too much going on in life. Staying emotionally low, facing aversions from your areas of interest are the early signs that show when you are in need of help. Go for therapy, medication or talk to someone you trust – whatever works for you. It’s the result that matters, always!

Life gets hard, most of the time – but what’s important is, how you deal with it. It’s okay to be stressed once a while, but your emotional wellness matters as much as your physical fitness. Your mental health matters. You matter and remember, why you started in the first place.

Gaurav Katiyar

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