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During Pandemic, How to maintain your child’s study routine at home


To make children sit for study during the pandemic is becoming a nightmare for most of the parents as there are lot of distractions like Smart phones, Video games, TV sets etc.

It is a big task making your child sit to study during the pandemic where either mom is busy with household chores/ work from home and dad with work and no helping hand around.

Below are a few tried – tested tips to help your child maintain study routine at home:

1. Environment – A supportive environment should be created to keep the focus and concentration. It should be noise free. Make it quiet but not boring. It should be a lively space where charts, quotes, pictures are put up related to study and their age. Posture is very important when they sit to study at home. Sometimes surprising kids with new eraser/ bag/ books/ baby care products also do the wonders. Bright cheerful lighting is important. Create a specific ‘study area ‘for them which will give them a sense of the importance of studying.

2. Plan / Organize and Reward - Encourage your child to make bookmarks, study chart, organise their study table, books and maintain a routine. Routine creates good habits. When things are planned, it becomes easy and smooth to implement it. Deviations can be allowed but rewarding should be done if the routine is followed.

3. Track the Clock– Time management is very important skill to be practised by anyone at any age and any minute. Make a schedule/ time table with your child which balances their academic and leisure time. Study calendar should be made and put in action. Leisure time also should be given for their pretend plays, art, craft, games etc.

4. Flash Cards / Cue cards / DIY activities – Parents need to take an extra effort in making these colourful flash cards or cue cards for their child for memorizing notes, tables, dates, events, vocabulary. Elder children can be encouraged to make on their own. Lots of DIY activities, craft work, cut paste activity, puzzle should be done which will help child to learn new things and create enthusiasm in them.

5. Quality time – Parents should spend some good great quality time with their child for at least 45 minutes in a day as every child needs personal attention. Child care is very important. It is important to talk to them, how and what they are feeling. Involve them in your day to day activities while they study at home.

6. Reduce Screen Time – Encourage every child to read; reduce TV hours. Kids care should be given importance. Too much of screen time will freeze, clog and clutter up their mind. Parents also have to reduce their engagement with smart phones and TV as kids follow their parents.

Parents involvement does not just end by handing the books to the child or by giving threats, command etc. Parents have to take an active part in child’s learning. Autonomy should be given and also rewarding should be done for child’s effort.


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