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Do Men Get Anxious On Becoming Fathers?


Is your man super enthusiastic on becoming a new dad?


But fatherhood brings along some real-time fears within men that they seldom talk about, let alone show. They often fear it as the end of their youth. They think about problems that maybe caused, even when there are no signs of them existing at all! 

But, just like you, it’s a new phase for them too! They start taking things far more seriously than they ever did, don’t you think? But, just let it sink in them naturally, talk about it or seek help – whatever suits you!

Talking of fears and anxiety, here we are, listing the most common fears of fatherhood in men and how to cope with them:

A. “Will I Be Able To Do It Just Fine?”: Men turning new dads often seem to feel anxious about how will they be able to manage things, will they turn out to be good fathers or will they ever get everything right! 

Firstly, it’s okay to feel that way. They’re new to this and mistakes may happen. Giving a shot at something you don’t know, takes courage, isn’t it? With practice, it’ll all be just perfect!

Father thinking about the baby

B. “What If I Can’t Provide Enough?”: Men often fear from being financially and emotionally stable when they become new fathers. But maybe it’s time they did their homework right, made a rough estimate and keep a track of their expenses and things will automatically fall in place, don’t you think? A written game plan is always better!

Father taking care of baby

C. “What If I Can’t Manage My Sleep Cycle?”: Fear of not being able to get enough sleep gets a lot of men go a little cranky. But it’s not that they won’t EVER get any sleep, it’s just for some time, let them take their time and finally ACCEPT it. But, making a plan that works, is important. Either one manages the late night chores, or maybe asking a relative to help out, it could just be anything. But make sure there’s a plan that makes them comfortable enough!

Father getting anxious about the parenting

D. “What If Everything Falls All Over The Place?”: It’s not a monster that’s gonna roll your house over, it’s gonna be your baby! Yes, things may get a little clumsy for sure at first, but once the pattern is identified, they will get the trick sooner than they thought! Just give it enough time, it’s needed!

E. “What If My Duties Don’t Allow My Presence For All Those Special Moments?”: All what they do, it is gonna be for the family. Be it staying deployed for a year, frequent business trips or even prolonged hours at work. It just makes them a better father by being just a little more sincere:)

If they’re away from home, make it a point to stay in touch – it could be a daily video call or just a simple goodnight kiss to make sure things are going just fine!

Fatherhood brings joy and a lot of responsibilities. It may not be a cakewalk at first, but you just need to let them know that they’re doing just fine! Just let them be persistent to not let that anxiety make them feel they’re not doing enough. 

As a new father, let them grow with the baby! Let them live their childhood with them. It’s all going to be just the way they want it. Happy Fatherhood to all the new fathers out there!

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