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How scented diapers effect your baby- Learn Risks and Preventions


Colorful or plain?

Are the costlier ones better?

Will they be comfortable enough to not cause rashes?

Diaper dilemmas are real!

Piles of diapers to choose for newborn baby


As a parent, you already know that the first two years with your baby will involve a lot of diapering, before the potty training begins. Wherein, not only is the consumption to be checked upon, but attention should also be paid on the kind of diapers you’d be spending on.

A baby diaper has a lot of things that may not just harm your baby but aren’t eco-friendly in nature as well. As a mindful parent, there’s more to that sweet smell you catch when you open a brand-new pack of diapers.

That is the hint of artificial fragrance mixed along with other harmful substances that are toxic for your baby’s delicate skin and health. Manufacturers work on an interesting psychology that a refreshing baby scent evokes a rush of many emotions within, which is why the health factor is slightly compromised.

Scented diapers are largely made of harmful chemical products that give a tint of fragrance between the core and the outermost layers. These scents aren’t organic and have citral compounds that smell familiar to the essence normally present in orange and lemon oils. These are environmentally toxic and a probable cause of painful rashes and allergies to your baby’s skin.

Baby poop odour is something that every parent needs an escape from! (even though your love remains priceless for your munchkin). To avoid that smell from permeating the entire house, scented diapers are what you think, as parents, the best option. However, when your baby’s poop is mixed with its chemicals, the stench that fills the air defeats every reason to buy scented diapers for your new-born.

Many manufacturers claim that their diapers are organic and free from artificial fragrances. It’s better to stay beware, as some times they are made to “smell” organic only to lure customers. With the high usage of plastic and petroleum that goes in making these disposable diapers, it’s better if you cautiously check on the labels, regarding the warnings and the manufacturing procedures.

A continual contact with chemicals can lead to damage in the baby’s respiratory and nervous system. The carcinogens, dyes, artificial fragrances present in the diapers, have a possibility of incurring a liver malfunction in the baby. Some studies have shown that these chemicals can cause a scrotal temperature increase within boys, which, in some cases, may also cause infertility.

A baby brings home happiness, surprises and some inexplicable moments of love that you never thought you’d experience. As a parent, it is only right that you wish to choose the best for your angel. However, opting for a brand that has hybrid diapers is a safer choice – for it gives the long-lasting comfort of cloth and the ease of disposal at the same time. As a pro-tip, you must always look for labels that show “no artificial fragrance” or “scent-free” before buying, just to be double sure!

Gaurav Katiyar

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