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How to prepare bringing a newborn to a home that has a pet


It’s fun to be with little ones around then be it babies and dogs. Your fur baby (pet) is already with you having a wonderful phase of its life and the arrival of a little one in your womb is still awaited, the thrill is just never-ending. You are already dealing with so many chores to bring in your newborn baby home. While you are busy fixing the arrival of newborn one thing that is likely to be overlooked is preparing your very own fur baby for this change. This sweet one is nurtured, loved, and given all your attention. A sudden entry of your baby can be a big surprise and most of the time unacceptable if your fur baby isn’t prepared. Sibling rivalry, yes! Pets too have emotions and the arrival of your newborn is a big transition in their lives.

So how do you handle the situation when you have pets in home.

Well, there isn't any standard approach that is cent percent successful. Pets also have their own individuality. They have to be handled with discipline and prior training but without compensating your love and attention. Also, some tricks and tips to make this task easy can be handy. Where do you find those? Right here in this blog article brought to you by Mommypure.

Set limit

Your newborn baby's area should be solely restricted in the initial period as you need to observe the behavior of the pet towards your baby. So, while you keep gathering all the lovely welcome kits, nursery, furniture items, etc. start keeping them in the area meant for your baby. Keep aside your fur baby’s bed, gaming area, and litter box away from your newborn’s den. Train your pet about its limit and let it learn some obedience. This will inculcate the habit and give it plenty of time for preparation.

Hand over

You have been doing everything for your pet baby. Taking it for a walk, playing, feeding, cleaning, and many more. And you love to do all such errands but with the arrival of your newborn, you will not be able to manage these tasks like before. The reason is simple, your newborn baby needs you the most. So, the best option is to get your partner/someone known/friend/dog sitter to share your task. This change will allow your pet to get accustomed and there won't be any abrupt and undesirable emotional outburst by your fur baby towards your newborn.


Cry, cry, and cry. This is what babies do most of the time in the initial months. It is expected as this is the only way they gather attention when in hunger, pain, or discomfort. Your fur baby is too naïve to understand it. Pets, be it dogs/cats/other species may get confused, agitated, stressed, and frustrated with this noisy sound that’s so new to them. Hence, it’s important to train them to understand the frequent outbreaks of babies’ crying spells. You can play such sound from various sources like online videos or recordings. After such a frowning exposure they definitely need a little pampering? Shower some extra love, treat them with favorite meals or toys or fun activities.

Newborn scent

Pets, especially dogs have a good sense of smell Before your newborn arrives home after birth get the baby's cloth and introduce it to your pet. This will familiarise and certainly help it with easy acceptance.

Rules addons

You have been having a great time with your fur baby. Your pet sleeps with you on your bed, jumps on you anytime, licks you, comes running in excitement, or seeks your attention. And this is all so lovely! But it’s time to change these habits or at least control it because your newborn will be with you in your arms, on your bed, while nursing or diaper changing sessions. Such actions by your fur baby can be dangerous for your newbie. Enforce some rules well in advance and start implementing them.

Dummy babies

Babies and puppies, both need you. One good option would be to practice with dummy baby-like dolls. Swaddle the doll and start doing things that you will do with your newborn for e.g., taking a walk with a baby stroller/pram, keeping it on your bed, holding it in your arms, or putting it on your lap. Start using the newborn’s nursery area. This will let the fur baby understand the restricted zones and allow it to slowly cope up with new rules and mannerisms.


It is vital to set new rules and regulations. The best way to get your fur baby obedient and disciplined is to pamper it at the end of task completion. This practice should be continued until your both babies have found a true friend in each other.

So, our lovely parents of fur babies and one yet to be welcomed, you are already a pro in caring, nurturing, and being affectionate. Handling two babies after birth can be a delightful experience. It just needs a little pre-planning with the one already in your home. Good Luck!


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