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10 Baby essential things on mother's checklist


Every new mom or mom to be thinks of these essentials for their newborn baby. It can also be named KIT. This kit has all the essentials a mom needs for her baby and herself to make things easy and manageable. This Kit has to be at home so that all the essential items are in one place. It is much needed while travelling with a newborn as well.  

You need to have a pouch/ bag which can accommodate all things and is handy to carry. A new mom has to grab the pouch when travelling to avoid last minute hassles and confusion. 

  • Sanitizer - When a newborn baby is concerned, they are prone to a lot of infections. Hence, sanitizer is a must before and after changing diapers for baby/ feeding them/ cleaning them. Cleanliness always comes first. 

  • Diaper Bag/Diaper Purse/Diaper Pouch – Diapers are very essential for a new born baby be they cloth/disposable or reusable. Need to keep extra diapers at home when dealing with a new born baby. Extra is a must while travelling as well. This pouch or purse will have diapers, baby bum butter and baby bottom wash for preventing rashes, baby powder, and a dry sheet. This diaper bag is a must when visiting a doctor, guests coming at home, going for an outing, visiting friends or relatives place. You can also keep cloth nappies in this.
  • Wipes - Wipes can also be kept in diaper bag/grooming kit/travelling kit to wipe accidental stains. It is better to clean the private parts of the baby with these wipes before changing diapers.  

    • Grooming Kit – This kit is needed for daily use and has to be kept handy. It will include baby massage oil, baby hair oil, baby face cream, baby lotion, kajal (for Kala teeka), nail cutter, diaper rash cream, baby talcum powder, comb, Fabric roll On. This kit is a must while travelling as well. This kit has to be kept in a pouch/ purse or a box as new moms can just pick it up and all things are in one place. 
    • Bottles/ Feeding Gear – Bottles, cleaning brush, and sippers, liquid to clean bottles is a must for new born baby. 
    • Clothes box – This box will have daily clothes which are needed every day, pair of socks, mittens, caps, handkerchiefs, bibs, cloth nappies, washcloth. Extra pair of clothes, nappies, socks, mittens should be arranged prior. Small washcloth for cleaning accidental stains, cleaning hands etc.  
    • Liquid detergent to wash baby’s nappies, clothes etc has to be kept handy at home which will be needed from day one. 

    • Medicines Kit – All medicines prescribed by the doctor to be given initially to new born babies. This kit will also include medicines for new moms as mothers need to remember to take care of themselves before taking care of the baby. 
    •  Rattles/Toys – Toys which makes sound, rattles which will distract babies from crying etc is a must.

    All the mentioned things are very small but when they are organized, give peace of mind and less messy time.


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