The Don’ts Of Good Parenting

Good or positive parenting begins when you start showing the love you have for your children. No matter what advice the world may give, there are some strong pillars that define good parenting. As a new parent or a “mommy/daddy-to-be” there are also some caution tips that you need to take when raising your children in a happy & healthy manner:

A. Don’t Break Your Promise:

Children learn by example. If you’ve always been someone who has adhered to his/her word and has a sense of commitment towards your own actions, it only makes them idolize you even more and imbibes in them a sense of reliability towards you. They may begin to trust you to fall back upon you, every single time!

B. Don’t Compare:

Each child has its own unique characteristic traits, abilities and perceptions. A comparison like, “Your aunt’s son scored a 90%. Why can’t you?” or “Do you see how thin your cousin sister is. Why don’t you workout too?” creates a negative impact on their minds and hearts as well. Once this comparison begins, your child is constantly into a competition with something/someone that won’t even matter. Instead, initiate a healthy conversation like – “Your marks have improved. Why don’t you aim for a 90% this time?” or “I feel I should go for a jog. Would you join me along?”.

C. Don’t Over-criticize:

Criticism is necessary at times because somewhere as a parent, you want your child to be ready to face the world ahead. But, over-criticism is known to bring in low levels of self-esteem and confidence within your little one. No matter how good your intention was, it only makes them question their own abilities, leading to lack of self-confidence. Instead, try appreciating them on the small things that they tried, even if they failed in completing it. It would help them in discovering and accepting failures in a healthy yet graceful manner.

D. Don’t Let Them Fear You:

Agreed that parenthood is exhausting and maybe, frustrating too, at times. But this does not mean that you inculcate fear for yourself in your children’s minds. Though it is said that it brings in discipline, but it may not be the case, always. Fear only distances your child from you on a mental and emotional level. They may have trouble in confronting their mistakes made, or some decision that didn’t really serve them well. Instead, maintain a friendship that is flexible – healthy, accepting and welcoming, yet a lesson for them to see and remember.

E. Don’t Go For Spoon-feeding:

Your child is a part of you, the most beautiful one. But instead of always giving them food that is ready to be served, why not let them try cooking it altogether? Let them learn from their own mistakes, explore their own ventures and fly free with a sense of self-confidence. Let them realize the importance of hard work, persistence and perseverance on their own and see them become the best version of themselves!

Indulge in their lives, protect them when the world looks down upon them, but let them learn to fly on their own. You’re an amazing and loving parent, so let your little angels create a new heaven for themselves, with their unique architectural skills. Happy Parenting to you!

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