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Postpartum food diet: What's and not to include in your food


Learn on the postpartum diet plan to be followed post childbirth with our postpartum nutrition guide.

Postpartum food diet: What's and not to include in your food

Postpartum, means the period just after childbirth. It is another most challenging but beautiful phase in a woman’s life. The hormones and the uterus return back to the normal non-pregnant state. It is a recovery time and utmost care needs to be taken whilst dealing with this phase. The cute bundle of joy is already in your arms after the extensive wait of the 3 trimesters. I am sure all you beautiful mommies are now just overwhelmed and drowning in this ocean of joy endlessly. Every moment of your life seems to be so beautiful!

One important aspect in dealing with post-partum is nutrition. The diet needs to be healthy, nourishing, and good enough to supply you with adequate energy to take care not only of your baby but even you. Also, most of you must have even gathered the extra pounds, so getting back in shape is another anguish. In the task of getting back your curves, it is likely that you may miss out on selecting the right diet plan or end up consuming foodstuff that lacks nourishment.

Just chill, our lovely ladies! Today, we at Mommypure present the postpartum food diet to help you get fitness back into your lives, support healthy recovery, promote milk production, provide all the essential vitamins and minerals and keep you energetic.

First, let us talk about the food items that you need to include


Apricots, prunes, oranges, mangoes, bananas, grapefruit, melon, papaya, guava, apple, berries, and citrus food. These will provide you the essential elements like potassium, iron, vitamin A, etc


Green leafy vegetables are the powerhouse of vitamins and anti-oxidants. They will replenish your body with the vitamin A, C, K, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, beta-carotene, folate, and minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium iron, phosphorus, and sodium. They are also a good source of fiber. Consuming them daily will not only meet your daily requirement of the nutrient but will also keep you away from the unhealthy options. So, include spinach, broccoli, basil, kale, cabbage, carrots, celery, avocados, bell peppers, fenugreek leaves, tomatoes, turnip, beetroot, Brussel sprouts, garlic, radish, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, collards, and moringa.


These are the building blocks and are very important in the recovery stages after childbirth. It will repair the worn-out tissues. Go for some eggs, chicken, fish, tofu, seafood, full-fat dairy, beans, nuts, lentils, and seeds


Avocado, salmon, tuna, sardines, nuts, seeds, and cold-pressed oils of rice bran, sesame, olive, mustard, and groundnut will give the essential omega 3 fatty acids including the DHA. These will reduce the inflammation and also the chances of post-partum depression.

Carbohydrates & Fibre-rich food

These macro-nutrients will give you sufficient energy throughout the day. Consider whole grains like wheat, oats, quinoa, corn, beet, brown rice, chickpeas, banana, apples, mangoes, date, berries, kidney beans lentils, etc.

Dairy products

Milk, yogurt, and cheese are excellent sources of calcium, vitamin D along with protein and vitamin B.

Water intake

Hydration is important to ensure the breast milk supply is adequate for your baby. Keep a check on urine. If it is dark-colored increase your water intake. Also, keep your bottles handy so whenever you feel thirsty you can easily reach out for them.

Healthy sugars

Refined sugar and its products need to be avoided. Instead choose dried date powder, cane jaggery, palm sugar, and coconut sugar for any sweet delicacies.

The items that need to be avoided are


It is best to avoid caffeine intake as it is known to pass through the breast milk in some quantity.

Junk corner

French fries, burger meals with carbonated drinks, flavored yogurt or milkshakes, cookies, muffins, chocolate, chips, sugar-coated doughnuts, etc, these items are high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy saturated fats. Stay away from all these fried foods, desserts, and soft drinks

Packaged cravings

Most of these products are unhealthy because they contain harmful, preservatives, have excessive sugar and salt, lack essential nutrients, and often tend to get addictive.

Mommypure is hopeful about you mommies considering the above postpartum diet and fitness food regime to be incorporated for the betterment of your lives.

All we have to say is, “Shape up not just your curves but your Health too!”

Have a happy recovery journey.


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