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Love on all fours: Basic exercises to help your baby crawl


Every baby is unique, so are their growth and development skills. There are certain milestones laid by experts that are usually meant for identifying physical and mental progress of a child. Well, there is a possibility that your cupcake is ahead of these timelines or a little slow in his/her pace. Here one thing we would like to highlight is, “Do Not Compare”. Now you might be wondering, “If I am not supposed to compare then is everything going well with my twinkle of eyes and is he/ she on track?

It is worth mentioning that besides knowing if your kiddo is on track with the development milestones it is more important to know how you can help them in getting through each developmental stage. Come join us at Mommypure to get yourself well trained.

Crawling, the other way of denoting it is – your little Love On all Fours. The ideal age for crawling is between 6-10 months. The 2 crucial factors that aid in crawling are muscle strength and motor skills. We listed down certain tips and tricks to help your cupcakes in developing the above two skills.


Baby on tummy support


Tummy support:

In this, the baby is made to lie on the tummy and it can be started as early as 2-3 months of age. Just take care that it is not done immediately post feeds and ensure that initially it is timed for a few minutes only. This posture helps in strengthening the neck, arms, back, and thighs. Placing some rattle or few favorite toys can do the trick in getting your little one’s vision involved. Also, don’t forget to dab on some Soothing Senses Baby Massage oil and gently massage the delicate muscles to make them stronger. Our Massage Oil is enriched with all the goodness of natural oils that nourish and strengthen the muscles. That's also the need for tummy support time. Nurture it!

Ready to crawl:

This is evident by the mini leaps, bumpy moves - back and forth, lifting of the neck/face with the support of the arms, hopping the tummy up and down, etc. These moves will gradually prepare your buddies with the skill of lifting the body, balancing the weight, and moving forward (by the repeated movements of the tummy, elbows/palms, knees and feet). Isn’t your baby already a pro in the gym? So now it’s time to get some mild flexion and extension of the knees and elbows. And yes, the waist too. But let this be full of love and care. How? Apply the Soothing Senses Massage oil and give some soft strokes from top to bottom. Do some cycling moves of the legs. After all, it’s so much hard work your baby is already into. Definitely deserve to be highly pampered.


Lift the baby with care

Lift with care:

As your baby gets into this new crawling fun, give them a helping hand full of your love and care. Raise their tummy at times while they are crawling and help them with their new learning experience. Another time, while they are on their cot, gently hold their fingers and elevate a bit. Be watchful of the neck. The movements should be very slow and gentle. Start with an inch or two and increase it gradually until they are able to do most of the part with your little support. This helps in strengthening the muscles of the back, arms, and shoulders. It is natural to get tired. Some babies may have their own ways of moving. So don’t force anything. Charge up your little bud’s muscle and relieve its soreness with the Soothing Sense Massage oil. Make it a routine!

Let crawling be safe:

Since your baby is now moving around, he/she may explore all the corners and everything that comes in reach. It could be furniture, plug, curtain, electrical cord, cabinet, drawer, pot, stair, door, sharp edge, chemical or sanitary product, etc. As your baby’s skin is in contact with the floor and other surfaces, it is not uncommon to find skin dry/irritated with some patches or rashes. No worries, Soft As A Cloud Baby Lotion from Mommypure is created to tackle all of those care issues. Apply the lotion on all the areas of skin that are prone to contacts like the elbows, knees, tummy, and face.

Play with the baby

Be a part of this fun:

Lessen the use of strollers, chairs, walkers, and seats. Get on the floor at times and initiate the crawling. It will encourage your baby to copy you and this could turn out to be a fun game as well. Sometimes you can help your baby by placing your palm on the tummy and taking some of their weight. Keep the toys a little far and encourage them to grab it with full zeal. Once they reach the toy, you can move it a little further. Ensure that they enjoy it and do not get stressed.

Last but not the least, always pamper and praise even the minute effort of your baby. 



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