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How to clean your house for a newborn’s arrival


As you approach the third trimester the joy you are experiencing is limitless. The arrival of a baby is one of the happiest moments. You must be now busy buying and settling last minute things to do, to ensure everything is ready to give utmost care and comfort to your munchkin. In this hustle-bustle, one aspect that is likely to get missed out on is, thorough cleaning. Germs are everywhere and your home is no exception. A newborn’s immune system is ideally weak to fight viruses, bacteria, and several other pathogens. Cleanliness is the means to reduce the risk of infections.

Hmm, you are sure to wish for a healthier home to invite your newest member in! How to do it? Relax, Mommypure is back again to make it easy. Join us to know how to clean your house for your newborn’s arrival with our cleaning checklist before baby arrives.

Tidy up the mess

Once you get your hands into it you will find that many things aren’t needed now. Grab some empty boxes and put in all those unwanted items. You may consider some for donation or garage sale. Once you are through you will be surprised to find ample space for your cupcakes stuff. Well, your miniature bee has plenty to stock it up.

Broom broom, Rooms Cleaning

This involves vacuum cleaning, brushing or dusting, sweeping, and wiping up with some safe disinfectant. The kitchen has most of the microbes. After walls, clean the cabinets, shelves, tabletops, slabs, platforms, drawers, doors, handle, and hooks. Empty the spaces first and then switch to cleaning. It is also important to clean the items by microfibre cloth that have been removed. The microwave, oven, and dishwasher should also be cleaned with vinegar and soapy water.

The most common spot for pathogens is the burner as it is always in contact with the food items. Burner top, knobs, and stands need to be scrubbed and cleaned with a diluted dishwasher. Air dry every space and item. Now organize the items as per their priority. Lastly, get the cleaning and mopping. Don’t forget to change the dishwasher container, scrub, and brush. Quite a job but worth it!

Other rooms

Declutter, dust, sweep, broom and sanitize – these should be the steps for the remaining rooms as well. Beddings, quilts, and covers can be changed for cleaning and replaced with clean-fresh ones. Carpets, throws, rugs and similar stuff can be cleaned by hiring an expert on them. For the restroom and toilet, the walls, door handles, knobs, hanger, sink, toilet seat, and cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. A pest control visit should be scheduled in your absence.


Check the items that have passed the expiry date. Clean the racks, bottle holder, and shelves with dishwasher liquid and fill it up with the stock that’s needed.


While you clean the kitchen check on the contaminationof the grains, pulses, and legumes with the insects and worms. Since you may get busy after the delivery it may have the possibility of getting infested. The best way is to check the expiry date. Put labels on the container for items with near expiry date. It is a good option to even consider some good stocking well in hand.

Additional items

Air-conditioner, water filters, dehumidifier, etc cleaning, and servicing can be arranged through some professional.

Baby’s baggage

You must have gathered plenty of things for your bumblebees. Subsequently, the clothing, beddings, crib/bassinet/ furniture, toys, etc need to be washed, cleaned, and properly sanitized.

Ladies! Stay cautious on the use of cleaning products as they are generally harsh and have strong chemicals that are unsafe during pregnancy. So, baking soda, vinegar, and dishwasher detergent are good options.

Your tiny bundle of joy is soon to arrive. The mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety, and nervousness are natural. Mommies, your safety is crucial. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance, get your partner involved, or hire a maid/helper. Just reach out- Helping hands are many.


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