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Top things in which your second pregnancy may differ from your first


Vow, it’s pregnancy again. A hearty welcome to the new birdie in your family from Mommy pure. Although it’s the same condition it can differ from your first pregnancy. Yes, surprising but it’s a fact.

Come, Let’s explore with Mommypure, find out what's new and see what can be done about it.

Early Bump show

The first pregnancy affects the abdominal muscle’s elasticity. The ligaments become loose, so the belly pouch seems to grow faster in comparison to your baby. Also, the baby bump seems to hang low which attributes to lax muscles. The stretch mark may get prominent too. Loose clothing should take care of this bump or else go shopping for some new maternity clothes.

Lower backache

It gets common if you are a busy mom of your first kiddo, then plentiful household / outside work is an add-on. At times the abdominal distress can occur if the previous delivery was a c-section and manifest as low-back pain. Post first pregnancy it is important to undergo abdominal rehabilitation in order to tone and strengthen the weak abdomen. Avoid lifting heavy weights, exercise, and maintain a good posture. You can go for a gentle massage, heat pads, hot water fomentation, and rest.


With so many responsibilities around, the second pregnancy can make you disregard my time, especially the nap. Plus, your elder child needs you every time, your partner cannot be ignored, elders at the home hunt for your attention and care. You wonder if the second pregnancy is really so stressful and tiring. Not really. In the first pregnancy, you could gather your me-time, attention was from everywhere and so the care from every known person. No need to worry. Find time to Rest. How? Prioritize work and chalk out unimportant stuff and do it later. Get support. It is ok to ask for a hand from your partner, family member or friend, or professional helpers. Nourish yourself well. Eat healthy and nutrient-rich food.

Contractions and Early Baby's kicks

Experience makes you understand the kicks earlier. Braxton Hicks, the intermittent uterine contractions can be felt earlier too. To ease out the false contractions, ensure that you are well-hydrated, attend the bladder call on time, and change the position during its episode.

Tackle your symptoms

Similar to your first pregnancy the symptoms like constipation, nausea, varicose veins, giddiness, frequent urination, hemorrhoids can reappear in varying intensities. Try out the option that made you feel better then. Besides, include fiber in your diet, avoid nausea-triggering foods, have small frequent meals, wear the calf socks, stay well-hydrated, suck ginger honey candy or resort to medications prescribed by your doctor, if needed.

Mood swings

Feelings can be different now. You may be overwhelmed with an addition in your family at one time but another second can leave you worried about expenses, additional responsibilities, the relationship with your elder kid, partner, and other family members. The heath of the baby in the womb could likewise be concerning. Get some counseling from your partner / trusted elders or professional experts.

Suffering gets lessened

The earlier pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, morning sickness, breast tenderness, fatigue, cravings, and aversion may tend to be less since your body likely gets auto-tuned. But there is also a possibility of experiencing some of the above symptoms that weren’t there earlier.

Quick labor

In the second pregnancy, the labor progresses quickly as you understand the stages of labor better this time and tend to deal with them efficiently. Moreover, the second phase gets reduced by half of the designated time because the cervix and vagina are quite flexible and the dilation gets easy.

Postpartum recovery

The involution, the uterus returning back to its pre-pregnancy size, can be potentially painful. This is because of a decrease in the elasticity of the uterus musculature. Comfort yourself by massaging, hot water bag fomentation, emptying the bladder regularly, using a heating pad, or seeking your doctor’s advice.

Back to curves

It takes longer to get those desired curves. Don’t give up so easily. Just be consistent in exercising and toning your abs. The muscles are already stretched and loose. Your body needs some time.

The new addition can be stressful and exciting as well. Although the responsibilities increase, the first person who owes it is, ‘YOU”. Your body is trained from previous experience so its adaptation is easy. Challenges are Demanding but this phase is worth it! Carry yourself with pride and confidence.

Mommypure has plenty of good wishes for you!


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