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Good News!! What to expect in the first trimester


Oh! It’s good news. Heartiest compliments to you on your pregnancy from Mommypure. Yes, it’s too very exciting! We appreciate it and we want to be with you on this awesome journey of your life.

It’s very natural for you to be concerned about your nutrition, getting diagnostic tests, scheduling doctor’s visits, weight management, and most important of all ensuring everything goes well with your baby while it’s growing. As your body is all geared up in preparing everything needed to welcome the baby in your womb, we take this opportunity to tell you what to expect in the first trimester.

Here we go…

A normal pregnancy is of 40 weeks duration. It is divided into three phases, each named Trimester. The first trimester begins from conception and lasts until the end of week 12. Apart from the missed period, your body undergoes certain physical and emotional changes in this trimester.

Physical changes that you may witness could be

Morning sickness
The sudden rise in the hormones is the cause of nausea. It occurs at any time but is more common in the mornings after you wake up. So consume small frequent meals, avoid food or aromas that increase its intensity. Maintain hydration well by drinking fluids/ fresh fruit juices. Lemonade with a dash of ginger may work better. Seek the opinion of your attending doctor to write down some pills that can relieve your symptoms if it gets bothersome.

Hyperacidity, bloating, and flatulence
The increasing progesterone relaxes the oesophageal sphincter resulting in the stomach’s acid backflow and gives rise to heartburn. Also, the intestinal contractions are slowed down due to a high level of progesterone which delays the movement of food in the digestive tract and eventually giving rise to gases and feeling full. To tackle this, eat small meals at intervals, and do not consume citrus fruits and spicy/hot/deep-fried food items. Have good fiber intake. If any, stay away from addictions like smoking, alcohol, excessive tea, coffee, etc.

Tender Breasts
The soreness or sensitivity in the breast is due to the hormonal upsurge. Your body will slowly get accustomed and this tenderness will settle down in some weeks.

Fatigue and weakness
The progesterone hormone levels rise to prevent miscarriage and provide good placental implantation with adequate uterine development. This high level of hormone leads to low blood pressure and sugars and results in you feeling weak, lethargic, and fatigued. So take frequent rest and sleep on time. Keep yourself well hydrated and do not stay empty stomach for long hours.

Bowel & Bladder Issues
The uterine keeps growing so it may put pressure on your bladder, intestines, and rectum. This may end up in an increased frequency of urination and constipation. To tackle this drink adequate liquids and increase your fiber intake.

It is common to encounter sudden changes in tastes and flavors. You may even feel awful to certain aromas that were your big-time favorite and otherwise. Don’t get surprised! It’s the hormones paying those tricks. Eat what you feel like as long as it’s healthy and meets your nutritional requirements.

Sudden outburst

Emotionally you may have an extensive range of feelings like being anxious, over-worried, delighted, drained, elated, etc. These mood swings are common and it’s normal. Talk to your loved ones, seek elderly support and get into some breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. You can always talk about it to your doctor in charge.

Don’t get startled at the Medical care facility
Your pregnancy is a medical condition, not a sickness. So get into the expedition mode and look for the best faculty and obstetrician, the moment you get your pregnancy confirmed. Be noted that the kinds of medical care, diagnostics, and medication are different. It’s a treatment plan which is ongoing until the completion of your pregnancy term. Moreover, it’s not only for your baby but even you as a mother who needs that special attention and care.


Ensure you co-operate with your doctor by giving proper medical details. Be punctual in the tests advised and take only those medications that have been prescribed. A strict “NO” for the OTC (over-the-counter) medicines. Keep the contacts handy and always feel free to talk to your doctor. Do not hide any complaints, be it minor, and never hesitate to talk about any concerns even if it may sound silly. Everybody is around you, to support and take care of you. So try to get the maximum benefit of this joyous journey by staying happy, eating healthy, and nurturing your body with adequate rest and sleep.

We know it`s not easy to cope with the sudden changes that have occurred for good. Our lovely going to be mommies, just slow down your gear but keep it well-paced.

Wish you a Happy beginning of Motherhood!


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