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Foods To Eat When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant


One never really needs an occasion to start eating healthy. But there are times when you do need to follow a diet plan. Pregnancy, for example, requires some amount of planning, especially when it comes to your food intake. Certain types of foods are recommended to ensure a smooth transition into pregnancy.

So, if you’re planning to conceive, check out this nutrition guide we’ve compiled for you –

A. Foods Rich in Folic Acid:

If the time and your fertility is just right, you will conceive no matter what. But Folic Acid has been found to reduce neural disability defects in babies and lessens the risk of strokes, diabetes, etc. Leafy veggies like Spinach, nuts, Wholegrain breads, citrus fruits are rich in Folic Acid and helps, not just in increasing fertility levels but also in keeping you & and your baby healthy.

B. The Milky Way Galaxy:

Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium and essential proteins which help in strengthening bones. Studies suggest that full-fat milk and milk products tend to reduce certain kinds of infertility. So, the next time you’re binge-eating ice-cream, you can do so guilt-free!

C. It’s Time to Feel Fruitilicious:

When it comes to a healthy diet, fruits are definitely on the top of the list. Fruits like pineapple have beta-carotene that prevents early miscarriage. Most fruits also contain antioxidants, essential vitamins, and nutrients that would help in having a stabilized and happy pregnancy.

D. Water Is Your Saviour:

Staying hydrated is a priority! Not only does it boost the oxygen level in the cells and tissues within your body, it also thins your cervical mucus and makes it easier for the sperms to pass through. So, make sure you drink enough water for a healthy pregnancy.

The first step of pregnancy is planning. The journey to motherhood begins from the moment you decide on conceiving a child. As you embrace this beautiful phase of your life, we encourage you to stay healthy and happy. Because, a healthy mommy equals a healthy baby.

Gaurav Katiyar

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