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5 Simplest Ways To Combat Nausea During Pregnancy


Morning sickness aka pregnancy nausea is one of the most commonly-faced problems by women during pregnancy. Research suggests that approximately 70 percent of women face it at some point in their journey towards motherhood.

To start with, nausea during pregnancy refers to a feeling or urge to vomit. Though there are medications that help, many have side-effects that you might want to avoid.

You can also try home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy if they work in your case.

The underlining fact here is that while pregnancy nausea can be an unpleasant feeling, it’s known to be extremely common.

Nevertheless, you can follow some simple pregnancy nausea relief tips that have been proven effective:

A. Let Small Meals Come To Your Rescue

Large meals, especially when you’ve been feeling morning sickness frequently, don’t really help. Instead, you could have smaller & healthier meals that won’t just keep you energetic but would decrease the frequency of nausea to a great extent.

B. Spicy Foods Ain’t No Good

It’s hard, but worth a try! Oily, spicy & fatty foods take more time to digest as compared to lighter & healthier foods like boiled potatoes, brown rice, etc. Having fruits and vegetables regularly, not only makes it more nutritious for you, but would also help in easy digestion. When this process takes a longer time, the chances of having the urge to vomit increases. We all have our pregnancy food cravings and satisfying them once in a while might be supremely tempting but with morning sickness, it’s great if the switching is done soon!

C. Strong Smells? Not Your Friends

Studies say that strong smells tend to worsen nausea, for it is mostly a smell-driven thing, especially during pregnancy. Why not try something light & fresh? Try sniffing lemon extracts or the scent of rosemary. Keep your home well ventilated to avoid any strong stale scents that may aggravate your nausea to a greater extent.

D. Make Fluids Your Best Buddies

During pregnancy, staying hydrated is a mandate. Dehydration during this delicate phase may only cause your health some serious damage. You could always try drinking vegetable broth, fruit juice, coconut water, or even mineral water – just anything that suits you to maintain the perfect water balance in your body.

E. Calm Down & Relax

It’s okay to get worried, anxious & snappy at times because it’s your phase of change! But other times, you need to relax. Rest as often you can; sleep or entertain yourself with some soothing music or a movie that you just love watching. Go for a walk or try meditation – just some best remedies to try naturally!

So, go on and combat nausea just the way you find best! Pregnancy is your period of changes on the physical, mental & emotional front. Embrace it with all the love & courage you have within! Happy Motherhood to you!

Gaurav Katiyar

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