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Best for babies in monsoons

This is something unique I have come across. Bum butter keeps your little one's bum mosturised and dry. It has natural ingredients and 6 essential oils. I loved the buttery feel and highly recommend to parents

Happy purchase

Good moisturised bum butter cream

Fabulous and effective product

Thanks for giving me such an amazing product. It is natural product which is keeps baby's delicate skin refresh, it's feels refresh and super clean after every use. It smells so good, every perent need to buy this amazing product for their babies. This is great for giving relief to your little one.

Happy Bummies Baby Bum Butter
Deepalika aggarwal
Awesome product

The name itself sounds so cute-bum butter
This makes the bum buttery soft
I am reviewing after using it for a week.
I use it after bath and in between diaper changes when I give my daughter diaper free time.

Best product loved it

Amazing Baby bottom wash

I loved the product. I'm using it from nearly 2 weeks now, and the reuslts are awesome. It suits perfectly on my baby's skin and I'm definietly gonna recommend it in my network.

Amazing bum butter

I love this baby bum butter as I m using this for my 3 year old daughter. And I love it's performance. It moisturizes the skin very nicely. Keeps the bummies soft.


I must say that it's a best product, my baby feels happy after using this. Also it doesn't harm baby skin and the fragrance is good.
Thank you mimmypure for this lovely product. I would love to try other products aswell.

Very good

The product is very differsnd unique and helps to keep the skin hydrated all the time. Veey nice product

Baby Body Wash + Shampoo Combo -250ml each

Good product for bathing little ones

It has no chemicals and yet it washes very well (body and hair) and smells really good. The mild washing substances are based on a plant basis and it does not burn in the eyes. The shampoo foams well and you can distribute the foam well on the head and body. Sweat and dirt can be removed easily and gently.


i love the pleasant fresh smell of this shampoo. Does not foam too heavy. Children really like this shampoo very much. Body wash and baby lotion is also awesome
i would love to buy it again.


Use this children's series since the birth of our children (5 and 8 years). No burning in the eyes, no tightening on the long hair and no skin problems. And you don't need much of it either. Highly recommended.

Great product - makes hair washing fun

We are very happy with Shower & Shampoo . It has a refreshing scent, it does not burn in the eyes and especially the ingredients convinced us to use this product for our child - clear buying recommendation!

Tearfree Shampoo

I smell very pleasant. My 3-year-old daughter is really happy to use it. I used on body and hair and I really like it. shampoo is gentle & tear-free formula made with Clean & Natural ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil.


Washed your little orange fragrance always with the quality of Mommypure products, for now the child likes it very much and so enjoys showers or baths. My baby's skin stays very soft. The hair is easy to comb afterwards.


I have always used this product since my little one was a baby. It has a lovely smell and never leaves his skin dry or irritated. With the extra reassurance that it hasn't got all the chemicals most body washes have. Very happy.

Gentle and smells wonderful

Purchased for my new granddaughter and this product is lovely, great smell and lovely and gentle on the skin. Smells divine, is soft and doesn't bring out little girls eczema. Love it and this is another fantastic product!

Beautiful smell and safe for kids and babies

This is a lovely combo. Have used for both my children over the years. Great quality as expected from Mommypure. The scent is very natural and subtle.The child’s skin remains soft after taking a bath Love love love !


Patience goes a long way with natural remedies. His skin was soo bad I just didn’t want to use harmful chemicals on him. I’m soo glad I used this cream. His skin is under control now. Its worth the money.

Diaper Care Kit
Ankita Bhandari

My daughter had constant redness and irritation with other products. I tried out this product and within a day she healed up and we haven't had an issue since. A bottle lasts about 2-3 months with us honestly. I become customer for life.

Diaper Care Kit
Zeeshan Khan

This product is amazing, not once has my baby felt a rash or irritation just because we apply a small amount of this product every time we change him, it has been a wonderful experience to use it knowing that is a healthy product with less amount of chemicals than all others.

Diaper Care Kit
Perfect for preventing rashes and extra sensitive skin

I have a super heavy wetter over night and the only diapers that keep him from leaking leave him with a rash by morning. I tried several diaper creams but they left horrible rashes. This is the I just thing besides jojoba oil that I can put on that prevents the rashes and doesn’t cause it’s own irritation.
It’s nice and thin so it spreads easily and I can still feel it at the next change. It makes clean up much easier. Highly recommend it!

Diaper Care Kit

My kids have sensitive skin and we use cloth diapers and wipes. I don’t like products with a long list of ingredients and chemicals. So the fact that this only has a small handful of natural ingredients AND works so well is just the icing on the cake.
This stuff is what I consider liquid gold. Butt cleaning gold. Do yourself a favor and buy it for your kids - and yourself.

Diaper Care Kit

It is good quality diaper kit. The best thing is that it is completely natural. I always use mommy pure products for my baby. The packaging was also awesome. very much recommended from my side.

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